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Journey to Kuwait under Occupation

Journey to Kuwait under Occupation

Dr. Mouhamed N. Tarazi

Saddam Hussain invaded Kuwait in August, 1990.  As time passed and days became months, it became clear that Saddam would not leave Kuwait without putting up a fight, despite international pressure. 
Some foreign nationals living in Kuwait, who were out of Kuwait during the invasion, started going back during the months of September through November. They went to claim their possessions before all hell broke loose and ‘the mother of all battles’ as Saddam then called it, would start. 
In this memoir, the author recounts his 14,000-mile, month-long journey through Jordan and Iraq to Kuwait during the Iraqi occupation, in an effort to recover what was left of his family possessions.

Acclaim for Journey to Kuwait under Occupation

"One of the best books I've read! Words seem inadequate but it's compelling, touching, scary and just riveting. I was breathless when I finished it. A short read, very engaging, and I highly recommend it."   E. Nasser 

"What a great book! Once i started reading, i couldn't stop! It is so well written that i felt like i was living the adventure myself!"  sbakeer

"This is a must read. I couldn't put it down..... I was on pins and needles and kept turning the pages .... As a Christian i learned to value, appreciate and respect different religous perspectives and the author opened my eyes to this beautiful religion. strommv "MARGOT" 

"A dramatic window in time for a brave soul and, for me, an historical events refresher independent of the usual media perspective. Thank you for the insight, Dr. Tarazi"  Clinton E

"It is compelling and interesting, and retells a journey that most of us would not ever have a chance to make."  T. Strombotne "Tracy" 

"A great story of a father's journey from Ohio to Kuwait under extremely tense circumstances...... This book offers a great perspective of someone who has lived life successfully in the Middle East, Europe, and the USA. A relevant voice on a often controversial subject."  Josh Almanson

The book is now available in eBook Format ($2.99)
 and in Paperback Format ($4.95) 
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